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FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions are answered within the HOW TO pages of this website. Click on the HOW TO from the menu on the left of this page. While the instructions may appear on THIS website, chances are good that you should use your own town's website when following the instructions. All registrations and profiles are kept in your town website, NOT here on the Parent site.

Questions such as the following are all addressed:


  • Do you have the correct email address for me?
  • Can you add an email address for my nanny?  
  • Have you received my payment?
  • Can you check to see if my son/daughter is registered?
  • I am a parent. Who else is on my son/daughter's team?
  • I am a coach. How do I email my team?

You as a parent can make sure your email address is correct and update other information in your profile from the Edit My Account area. The instructions are located in the HOW TO section.

As always, if you are having trouble logging in or see an error that you cannot correct yourself, please send me an email with your issue and player name along with the TOWN you are registered to play in. Chances are good that if you are having trouble logging in or getting emails, you have created multiple profiles for members of your family with conflicting information. This confuses the system and makes team placement and communications difficult. When you send an email, please state your Town as well as your player's name and grade.

Hope this helps. Have a great football/cheerleading season.

Tony Palumbo Jr
FCFL Administrative Support