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How a coach can leave a message on his team’s News page

Click on “Admin
Put in your name (Two words)
Put in your team’s password (If you have lost your password, email
  and  request her to send it to you. Make sure you tell her the name of your team example: Darien Grade 5 Blue)
Menu surf your way back to your team’s Roster page…by clicking on the Team tab and entering your  team’s respective information in the boxes shown below:


and then clicking on the News  tab in the left hand column

Click on the Add New Bulletin   icon  near the top of the roster page. This will put you into a bulletin composition mode.

Compose your message.

If you only want the message posted on the News page, but not also group emailed to the team, then just click Submit.

If you also want the message emailed to your team, as well as posted as a News or Bulletin item, then click on the Email Broadcast: box before you click on "Submit".

Sometimes you need to get time sensitive information to your player's parents and email is too slow. The website has a feature to send Text Messages to cell phones for those parents who turn the feature ON. When you create a bulletin message that you are also emailing to the team, simply check off the "Send Text Message" box at the bottom of the News Bulletin screen along with the email features check box.