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Creating Bio Sheets

The player bio sheets are tied to registration data, and you can choose to include any information you would like. For example, if your football program needs to print individual player information sheets for the league, you can create a custom format, and generate all of these player bio sheets to be printed. Any information that was collected during online registration can be used in the template, such as height, weight, grade, etc. You can create as many different templates as you'd like, however, they are registration dependant, and you will need to create new profile templates for each existing registration program. Once a profile template has been created and a registration program cloned, the profile template will be carried over to the newly cloned registration program. These bio sheets can also be used to display player and coach bio information on your website from the team's Roster page.

The steps below will help you create Bio Sheets: 

  1. From your HOME website, Go to Members > Registration System.
  2. Click on the Registration program that you want to create Bios for to highlight it..
  3. To the right, click Bios.
  4. Format the layout of the Bio Sheet. 
    • Information in brackets will populate with player data once the sheets are generated.
    • You can add additional fields using the drop-down option at the bottom of the form.
  5. Once the Bio Sheet is formatted the way you would like,  Clicks SAVE.
  6. You can then click Generate if you want to see how the form looks for those teams where Bios is activated.
    • You may also save the Bio sheet with a different name by clicking Save As if you want more than one Bios Sheet format.

Activating Bio Sheets:

Each team in the current year will need to be "activated" with the Bio Sheet format you have chosen in order for coaches to be able to print out their player Bio Sheets.

To Activate the Bio Sheet as a Player Profile:

  1. Go from Admin > Teams.
  2. Click Divisions & Teams.
  3. Click on a Team Name. (each team needs to be done separately. There is no Global way to do this step.
  4. Click on Rosters.
  5. Select the Bio Sheet(s) you would like to use from under the LAST selection box so it is visible only to coaches and admin:

When finished, click Submit.

What Information should be on the Bio Sheet:

  • Town (this is automatic on the template)
  • Team
  • Player Name
  • Picture of Player
  • Player Jersey Number
  • Player DOB
  • Player Grade
  • Player Weight
  • Player contact information
  • All guardian information (name, address, phones and emails)
  • All Emergency Contact information (if it exists in the Registration Program)
  • All Medical Information (if it exists in the Registration Program)